Go Play Craggy Island!  

This post is a couple of days late in coming but hey, better late than never. Craggy Island was officially released late Sunday night and can be downloaded from DANexus. Paul has an extensive post about the journey from conception to release on his blog, make sure to check it out; it's a good read.

For me, Craggy Island was the first fruitful collaboration in the Dragon Age space. When Paul first posted the island's screenshots and posted for scripting help, I was a little wary about offering help since the other projects I had done that for had died away after a while. However, this one looked to be different since he continued to work on the other aspects and post progress updates. In the end, I caved in and decided to do the scripting portion - couldn't let a fine island like that go to waste!

It's been a bumpy ride at times when I've been tied up with RL or Blood and Lyrium or the Community Contest entries and couldn't devote the time required to complete the tasks assigned to me, which led to delays on the overall project release. It's been a learning experience too - the most important lesson being sometimes the game and Toolset behave like sentient entities. Serious! The only recourse in those times has been to take a deep breath, let the Toolset throw it's tantrum, do the same sequence of steps again and voila! it's working!

Anyway, enough on the journey. The destination has been reached and Craggy Island has been released. Now, the most nervous phase of a project starts - what will the reception be like? So, go play Craggy Island and make sure you post your feedback - good or bad - in the comments section; it will definitely help in us maturing as better game designers. Cheers!



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