The quest that won't complete  

Over the weekend, I had one minor issue to fix for Craggy Island - there is a quest which isn't getting updated after meeting the required conditions. Pretty trivial, eh? That's what I thought and I had put an estimate to get it completed (along with a few other minor things to implement) by Saturday evening.
You would have already guessed that this was not a trivial fix (or why else would I write a post about this?). I was testing it with some debug scripts so I didn't have to play through from the beginning and it worked fine. Then, I loaded the full B2B I got from Daeltaja a few days back and again, worked fine. The problem? It didn't work on his setup. 

The chest that won't co-operate...on a selective basis

 We went over the relevant pieces of code line by line to make sure we both had matching scripts - shouldn't be necessary since I had just loaded his B2B but sometimes the Toolset works in it's own strange ways. Recreated the offending resources, refreshed the objects in the area and in general, made sure everything matched up. I even did a full run-through to make sure it wasn't something happening earlier that was affecting it - worked fine.
We must have spent like 4 hours trying to nail the problem down without any success.

I am doing one of my periodic database refreshes on my office laptop and after that, will import the B2B again and if it works, send that to Daeltaja and hopefully, get this issue out of the way by today. Goes to show, even the littlest of things can screw up things in a big way.

Till later...



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