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Eight days, no updates on this blog. For those of you wondering what's going on, between RL, work, WoW and modding, I haven't had much time to sit down and write a post.

My mother-in-law flew back to India this week. She had come down here to help take care of my daughter and the fly-back comes with the usual addendums of shopping for the folks back home. Then, comes packing the suitcases, weighing, rearranging stuff, weighing and so on till everything fits and is within the weight limit. Packing for long-term international travel is an art, I tell you. We also had to send our daughter back to day-care and that means evaluating options,  visiting the centre, talking to the people there, etc. All in all, a very hectic week.

This was one of the main reasons why I wanted to finish BaL before February because I knew time would become a little after the last week of January. Oh well. How can there be improvisation if everything fell in place as planned? On to BaL, I did a few more rounds of combat testing and found a few issues (most of which are fixed, I might add).

First, I needed to write my own spellpower and resistance check calculations since the vanilla spellpower calculations won't fly for my player custom class. Specifically, the Dreamweaver class will not be using Magic as a primary attribute at all. That was a fairly easy thing to do and test.
The next couple of issues were mostly with VFX. One of my passive on-hit abilities has a custom VFX that is not being triggered for some reason. Should be a fairly easy thing to fix since the relevant portion of the code is not being fired at all (tested with a PrintToLog statement). Quite likely, there is a mess up in the 2DA somewhere. Then, there are some problems with custom VFX not working at all when casting - that is a long road, I figure and will probably leave that for later.

The Nexus from WoW
I've also started prototyping a new interior level. It's a fairly small level but I hope the design will have a big impact. The concept behind that is inspired by The Nexus from WoW and this will be a good test to see how much I've matured as a level designer. Expect to see some new screenshots on this blog soon.

Speaking of blogs, I discovered this great one - The Rotted Rose - through Paul's blogger profile. The author, with a background in game development, is working on a module for Dragon Age and also writes about DA2 and general game-related topics. I enjoy reading it and hope you do too!
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